Consulting Sessions

Navigating through your own thoughts can be so challenging. Having an outside perspective is often so beneficial to answer those challenging questions and help get you clarity. Jonathan wants to help you create clarity and free your mind to take action. In his Success Strategy Sessions he wants to help you get to the next level in your life and business.

Keynote Presentations

Jonathan is known for his jubilant, passionate style of delivery that is very inspirational, always sharing applicable and action oriented strategies. By Jonathan having a various challenges and successes he pulls stories directly from his own life events. Sharing how his life was changed and utilizing those principles to empower and encourage his audience to do the same thing.

Student Development Workshops

Every student has the potential to become great, but this potential needs to be developed and cultivated. In each session Jonathan focuses on teaching soft skills to students. Taking time to give students direct hands on application providing of the tools they need in order to be prepared for job and internship interviews. Ultimately the goal is to position these students to have the tools they need to becoming effective and confident leaders through his experiential sessions. 

Professional Development Workshops

We are committed to helping educators, and small businesses out-perform, out-sell, and out-last the competition. To find and fill in the potential gaps. Those areas between problems and performance, opportunities and obstacles, average and great. Therefore Jonathan shares his experiences to pour into and challenge leaders to be accountable and surpass greatness.