You have the potential to be great!

On New Year’s Eve, I met a couple and I shared with them that I currently have a part-time job while I’m in grad school, although my passion is empowering millennials and students to pursue their passions for entrepreneurship. Instantly they reacted to me about how difficult it is to reach this generation, stating that millennials would not read my book if it wasn’t attached to an electronic cord.

I humored the couple as they talked but before we separated the gentleman told me that I have to keep informed with new ideas: speaking may not be the safest plan.  I refused to accept his suggestion as my reality. I now want to share three quick points to help you pursue your passion:

1. Reject the negativity that people feed you.

If you allow people to inject negative advice into your life, they will kill your dreams before you even get started.

2. Research what you’re passionate about.

Think of something that you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life. What would that career choice be for you? Now take the time to search and ask questions of others who may have insight on this topic.

3. Rise.

It’s no coincidence that as you climb a mountain, the altitude makes it harder to breathe. You must realize that when you embark on a journey to tasks that others may never pursue, you will face critics and hecklers. Be prepared to block out negative feedback and continue to stick to what you are passionate about.

People will always have an opinion to offer you about your life:

  • Telling you what you won’t be able to accomplish
  • Saying that you won’t be able to be the first college graduate in your family because of your family history
  • Looking down on you and trying to talk you out of your dream and deter you from your goals

Remember to stick to the three R’s: Reject, Research and Rise.


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