Lemons of Life

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage if life gives you lemons, what do you do you make lemonade right? Well here’s a slight spin to that old saying. Life has always given us lemons whether we knew it or not the question is what will you do with your lemons.

This is funny to me because one day I was over at a friend’s house and I looked up as I saw a bowl of lemons, I said that’s it. Looking at the lemons briefly, I began to think lemons aren’t really good for much right? I mean I understand that they looked nice in the centerpiece or they help add color to the room but that’s about it. Ah HA! Ah HA! Unless you slice this lemon in half or take the time to juice it then you can utilize this lemon in a multitude of ways. No longer just to sit on the table but to provide juice and additional flavor to your glass of water or even produce good old fashion lemonade, raspberry lemonade if you’re fancy.

Why does he keep talking about lemons you ask? I’m glad you asked to be honest because in this case think about a lemon as your talent, gift, whatever it is you do better than anybody else with your eyes closed. God has given you these particular gifts to bring His Kingdom glory. The only way we can truly produce lemonade, which would be maximizing our gift, would be by using these gifts daily. Practicing, studying and devoting time to this particular skill set. If we never do the following then we will be unsqueezed lemons or like a friend of mine says "untapped potential in the body of Christ." So are you putting forth the effort and time to get a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade? Or are you content with just having the lemons of life?  Don’t take the talent or gift you’ve been blessed with and allow it to go without being juiced, drain that lemon!




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