What's Your definition of Success ?

One day I was headed to visit one of my favorite restaurants, Kona Grill of course. After me and a close friend of mine discussed the term success. Thinking of what this term could really mean or how others may see it.

What’s funny about the word success although it’s defined as, "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” What must one discover is, “What does success look like for you?”

For the child who may have grown up with very little to no access to a car, success may look like having a nice car. Or the child who comes from very humble beginnings success for them may be having his own room in a house. Maybe to others it could be a family, good job and large house. Although on the other hand to someone who previously has been exposed to these things, success may look like being a CEO of a fortune 500 company or even making it on the Forbes list. The spectrum of what success looks like ultimately may vary based on how you were raised or even those you surround yourself with.

So I want you to think what does success look like for you, is it having a few degrees to hang on your wall so that others will praise you for these framed pieces of paper. Or maybe a few initials in front of your name so you will feel you now have earned your respect from family or relatives. Lastly, “Could it be having a comma in your bank account or maybe a few?”

Whatever your definition of success it don’t allow others to tell you that it’s not accurate because your definition and there’s may not match. But with the same right don’t be so quick to judge others views either. Be open and be receptive to hear their reasons why and just accept their reasoning although you might not agree with it.

What does your version of success look like?



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