Built Ford Tough! (Sustain and not Maintain)

For the past few weeks, I have been riding around with a slow leak in one of my car’s tires. If you know about car maintenance (not me), you know that this is nothing to be alarmed about; my tire just needed a little attention. Unfortunately, the cold weather (23 degrees) did not make me enthusiastic about putting air in my tire (let's be serious yall).

So when I absolutely needed air in my tire, I hopped out my car and added just enough air to get to my next destination (barely enough to maintain), until the next day when my car would notify me that it was time yet again to add a little more air to my tire. The process was exhausting: day after day, it was just enough to maintain my tire but not sustain it.

Think with me for a second: What’s that area(s) in your life that you have been patching up or ignoring over the years? While you think that you’ll get to this later or that you don’t need to deal with this now, it’s like you’re riding around through life on a flat tire. How much hurt and pain have you been harboring for years but haven’t taken the time to go through the healing process to be healed and released from it? What’s that thing?

I made some decisions in my college years which I felt would never catch up to me. Clearly, I was just telling myself that maintaining is okay (let me make it through the weekend was like the tire—let me make it to my next destination).

That’s not the way life works: you need to take the time and go face to face with your fear, issue or whatever has been haunting you. I didn’t want to deal with pumping air in the tire until I accepted it and just bought a new one. HELLO! I had to get it together. I am now accepting my previous mistakes in life in a small group where I’m seeking healing.

What’s holding you back from all that God calls you to be? Once that weight is lifted off your shoulders, you will be freer than you could ever imagine. It’s time to seek to heal so that you will be sustained and so deeply rooted that no matter what trouble, trials or hard times come your way, you will be grounded and be in a position to fight back.

Seek healing. It’s necessary for all of us to become our best selves.