Ask for help

Often times we want to always D.I.O. (Do it ourselves)

I remember growing up when it came time to eat I would find myself trying to open a jar. No matter how much I struggled, I tried and tried…..and tried. No matter what I would never ask my mom or dad for help opening that jar. I was so prideful I would rather not eat what was in the jar then ask for help to get what I truly wanted to enjoy. Too often we want to do things on our own terms so that we can be the one to take all the credit and all the accolades for what the end result is, but where does that ultimately leave us?

We must understand that we have different gifts and specialties and we need to collaborate with others who are gifted in different areas. It will ultimately make life better and easier for all concerned parties by saving time and energy.

We can do better when we allow others to provide assistance for something they have mastered. If we stay in the lane that we've mastered and together we create a masterpiece!

I promise you that if you were hurting, hungry or truly lacking something the color of the hand wouldn’t matter or the where that person was coming from would be irrelevant. The fact of the matter is pain knows no color, hurt plays no favorites.

I once heard it said,”If someone offers you help you take it.”

Share your success because there is room at the top for all of us. The question is who's willing to put in the work it'll take to get there?


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